Saturday, May 21, 2011

Our assistant coach

 Jessica Church
Jessica Church started with gymnastics and dance at a young age but soon fell in love with horses. After 16 years of competitive horseback riding, including many hunter/ jumper championships, she discovered the sport of equestrian vaulting on Vancouver Island while volunteering with a therapeutic equestrian program. Jessica began vaulting in 2008, progressed quickly through the vaulter levels, and became the 2010 Zone 5 BC Provincial Champion. She completed the Equestrian Vaulting Association of BC’s Provincial Vaulting Trainer and Gymnastics Level 1 certifications in early 2010 and continues to attend clinics to further her knowledge and skills. Besides competing as an individual at canter, she is part of a canter team that is aiming to compete at the next World Equestrian Games in 2014 in Cannes, France. When Jessica is not busy with the demands of dental school at UBC, she is assistant coach and vaults with Airborn Vaulters, trains with a gymnastics coach twice a week, and trains with two of Canada’s highest ranked vaulters at Cheam Vaulters in Chilliwack, BC. Jessica specializes in helping vaulters with freestyle, specifically choreography, performance, and music selection and interpretation, but enjoys all aspects of teaching vaulting and is a welcome addition to Airborn Vaulters.